About Us


Since 2009, a mentoring working group made up of dedicated evaluators from across the country has consulted extensively on evaluator-specific mentoring in Canada. 

With special thanks to Jane Whynot, James Coyle and Dominique Leonard, May Kay Lamarche, Judy Lifshitz, Natalya Kuziak, Lisa O’Reilly, Kathryn Radford, Lisa Styles the concept of "Evaluation Mentoring Canada" was created.  This website was developed by software developer Drew Bird of ClearPoint Leadership Strategies.

In 2015, the Canadian Evaluation Society (CES) took over the responsibility for Evaluation Mentoring Canada and renamed the initiative as the CES-Evaluation Initiative (pilot) to take the service to a new level.

Contact us:  please feel free to contact us at info@evaluationmentoringcanada.ca. 

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